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Since I only read and do not normally post, I don't know why there is a change, but I want to thank the old mods and welcome the new ones. I hope there will continue to be wonderful stories on this site and I will be told when 'friends' I checked off on the old site post new stories.
Have those who read The Charioteer and write ff for it seen the new movie -- The Imagination Game? It takes place in 1940 England and deals with the cracking of the German code system. The leader Alan Turing is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Turing's public school is shown where we see Turing as he discovers his homosexuality. Army and navy uniforms are shown as they were in 1940, and a aviation dogfight over London. We also see the rumble of the East End. I thought of Andrew pulling people out of bombed out buildings, and Bim Taylor, our aviator hero in TC, in the sky. Alan Turing saved millions in the free world with his mind, but his sexuality became known. It was so against the law, that he was chemically castrated and committed suicide. This is what our brave characters were up against. Britain continued to persecute gays until 1967. The movie has been nominated for many awards. Don't miss it.